History of Cekme Halva

In the past centuries; an Earl, father of a very beautiful girl, was living in KASTAMONU. The Earl, governing Kastamonu with justice, loved her daughter so much...
He bore a great love to her daughter that he never thought of leaving her even for a while. He thought his life to be terrible without her daughter, in any case, he would not live without her.
Nevertheless, she was a girl, and girls do not stay at family homes. According to our customs and traditions; they both cry and make their home at the same time, when the true time comes. The Earl knew the truth; and decided to subject each man, desiring to marry his daughter, to a test. For a really long while, he thought how to make this test. But, he could not figure it out...
Then, his butler made a suggestion. "You, my Dear Earl, enjoy desserts a lot, so let your daughter marry such a man that strings of his dessert are thinner than hair of your daughter. Let the one, who achieves this, marry your daughter." he said.
His idea really sounded reasonable. The news spread across Kastamonu. Young men, throughout Kastamonu, started to cook great variety of desserts, dreaming of the daughter of the Earl...
The Earl did not enjoy those desserts. There was a young man called Abdulsamet. He could not ignore his heart's desire; he started to make halva with his mother to fulfill his dream.
Abdulsamet mixed flour, butter and syrup (grape molasse). He started to knead by dreaming of the daughter of the Earl. The more he kneaded flour, butter and syrup, the more his heart pined for her. Passion of love makes halva stringy...
and FAMOUS CEKME HALVA OF KASTAMONU was ready... The Earl adored the dessert. Not only thinner as the hair of his daughter, but also tasty as well... Abdulsamet, Master of desserts, fulfilled his dream and married the daughter of the Earl.
During ensuing years, it became a tradition to cook Cekme Halva of Kastamonu at homes.

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