Miskos croquant cake with pistachio
Serves : 7-8

Preparation Time : 20

Baking Time : 40

Ingredients :

3 eggs,
a tea-glass of white sugar,
1 pack of vanilla,
1 mini-pack of baking powder,
half tea-glass of oil,
3 soup spoons of flour. 


For cream:

2 water glass of milk,
1 soup spoon of flour,
1 soup spoon of starch,
1 tea-glass of white sugar,
2 soup spoon of whipped cream,
1 pack of vanilla.

For the middle of the cake:
1 water glass of white sugar,
1 water glass of peanut,
a bar of chocolate

Whisk the flour with water for 7-8 minutes. Oil the tray of 26 cm or line a baking sheet on the tray; then lay out the mixture on this tray, and bake. 

Temperature of electrical oven: Turbo cooking: 160°C (pre-heated)
Bottom-top baking: 170°C (pre-heated)
Baking time: About 30-40 minutes
Take the mixture off the oven, and leave the dessert to cool. Take the mixture off the tray, and cut it into two latitudinally. To prepare croquant, put 1 tea-glass of white sugar into a wide pan, then melt the sugar at low temperature without stirring. When the sugar turns into amber color, add almonds. Stir for a few times, and take it off the stove; then lay out the mixture on baking sheet. When it cools down, separate them from the sheet; then separate the almonds from each other with your hands as well. Whisk the cream of the cake with 1.5 water glass of cold milk for 2-3 minutes. Put the first layer of sponge cake to a serving platter, and wet the cake with a half tea-glass of milk, then cover the cake with a little cream. Lay sliced bananas on the cake, sprinkle half of the croquants, and put the second layer of sponge cake on the top. Wet the second layer with the milk left, and cover the whole cake with cream, then garnish your cake. Put the cake into the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Serve the cake by slicing and garnishing with the almonds and croquants left.

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